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At Curry MasterClass we take great pride in spending time with you before the class to understand your likes and dislikes, any special dietary requirements, your current levels of experience, then we recommend a class and menu that is right for you. We are happy to hold the class at a time that suits you – Daytime or Evening, Weekday or Weekend.

All classes are designed to be relaxed, fun, informative and affordable, they will give you the confidence to work with a wide range of ingredients, herbs and spices associated with Indian cooking. All you need for a class is your kitchen, we bring all the ingredients, herbs and spices.

We offer an exciting range of classes that can be 1 to 1 or you may choose to have a fun day by sharing the experience in a group class with your partner, friends or family. After we have left you can indulge in delights prepared during the class, or invite some friends over and impress them with the food you have cooked in the class.

Some of the classes we offer:


  • Duration   Price       Name


  • 60 Mins      From £50    Demonstration Class
  • 2-3 Hours    From £99    Beginners Class
  • 4-5 Hours    From £190   Advance Class
  • 2-3 Hours    From £99    Curry In A Hurry 
  • 2-3 Hours    From £99    Cooking On a Budget 
  • 4-5 Hours    From £190   Preparing a 3 Course Meal 
  • 4-5 Hours    From £190   Throwing A Dinner Party 
  • 2-3 Hours    From £99    Preparing Canapes, Nibbles & Finger Food 
  • 2-3 Hours    From £99    Vegetarians Delight 
  • 4-5 Hours    From £190   Celebration Meal 
  • 2-3 Hours    From £99    Curry For Kids 
  • 2-3 Hours    From £99    Ultimate Healthy Curries 
  • 2-3 Hours    From £99    BBQ’s, Picnics & Garden Parties



These are just an example of the classes on offer – we specialise in creating classes that are unique and exclusive to your specific needs and are happy to tailor a class to a theme of your choice. We can combine a number of classes to formulate a complete course.

After the class we will leave you with the recipes of the dishes you have prepared, you will also have the opportunity to purchase an authentic spice box with the spices included, this will ensure you have everything necessary to start preparing your own curries immediately.

Classes start from £50 per person, discounts are available for group classes. Please note, depending on your location a small travel surcharge may be applied.

To book a class or for further information please Contact Us by email or telephone.

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